WSH has managed numerous seismic acquisition projects, whether the shoot was a 2D or 3D, along the Gulf Coast and South Texas areas. Whether the goal of the Client is to shoot data on a speculative basis or for the account of the Client, WSH has the personnel and knowledge to help the client in its seismic project. WSH tailors its services to meet the needs of the Client for each project, whether cross country or through townsites.

An abbreviated list of services offered by the firm is as follows:
  • Project management
  • Preliminary area checks prior to shoot with cost analysis
  • Mineral and surface title status
  • Mineral and landowner permitting
  • Mineral lease options
  • Co-ordination with surveyors
  • Governmental permitting
  • GIS Mapping Solution
  • Database Implementation
  • Governmental and public relations
  • Pre and Post shoot damage claim settlement
  • Post shoot clean up management